our mission

we love good food and, selfishly, we want to make food we love, but we also want to spread it far and wide


we believe lunch is too important to waste on poorly-filled sandwiches and lacklustre salads and that is why we take care to bring the best out of our beautiful fresh produce and transform it into lunch worth savouring



we bake fresh sourdough 5 days a week, ready to grace the shelves of delis and farm shops, or get thickly sliced and filled to the brim with tasty sandwich fillings for our fabulous clients

katie moore

even from the early days of her career in advertising, katie knew her passion lay in food, looking forward more to the weekends of baking for markets than the monday morning meetings. when a fortuitous opportunity arose to uproot to a friends’ food business in shanghai, she left the day job behind and never looked back

having returned to the uk, and completely convinced that her future lay in the kitchen, the seeds for allotment were sown; quite literally

lucky enough to work in the high-end kitchens and bakeries of some of her food heroes along the way, katie has grown allotment from a small domestic kitchen to a pink-floored dream bubble, where she gets to make bread and eat food every single day